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Well Man & Woman

It is important to stay fit in the scorching heat. Drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy and use umbrella. You can avail our well man, well woman profile as well as executive health check up package to check vital parameters of your body.

From the Lab Director's Desk

  • The steps before actual testing of laboratory sample like preparation before giving sample, blood collection, transport etc. plays a crucial role in obtaining correct result. It is called preanalytical part.

  • As you may be knowing now, most of the blood parameters do not need empty stomach. Sample can Be given after taking food. Exceptions are – fasting sugar 8-10 hours fasting, lipid profile 12-14 hours fasting. ESR 4hr fasting.

  • Timing of the day is important for hormone assay.

  • Your morning and evening TSH or cortisol may not be same.

  • Another important part is taking routine medicines. You should taken your regular medicines on the day of testing at usual time.

  • For PP sugar, count 2 hours from start of meal, finish your meal by 20 minutes. It will be best if you take regular meal at usual time like any other day.

  • Method of drawing blood : Proper vial etc. are very important and can be taken care of by qualified and Trained phlebotomists only.

  • We take special care to maintain sample integrity during transport. Still, I will advise you all to come to our Centre, for giving sample, of course if your health permits. Otherwise call our home collection number Given in website.

  • Wishing you good health always.

From the Lab Director's Desk ## Fever ##

We are getting a lot of patients with fever now-a- days. Fever, as you know is manifestation of many types of infections as well as some non-infective conditions also. Based on your symptoms and signs (by clinical examination), applying his/her medical knowledge and expertise, your physician tries to find out the cause of fever and treat accordingly. Unless a definite investigation result comes positive, a little bit of guess work, of course aided by medical experience is involved in diagnosing the cause of fever. Some fever cases subsides on its own, by symptomatic treatment with paracetamol or by routine antibiotics. Others need thorough investigations. The list of tests increases, when days of fever increase, but no diagnosis could be made. Common causes of fever in our locality now-a-days are :-

  • Viral Fever – No common positive test result, usually subsides in few days.

  • Throat or Lung Infection – Blood WBC count, CRP increases, respond to antibiotics.

  • Malaria – Smear for MP, Malaria antigen, specific anti malarial treatment required.

  • Dengue – NS1 Antigen, IgM and IgG Antibody, Platelet, WBC count, Liver function etc., treatment mainly supportive.

  • Typhoid – Typhi-dot and Widal test. Respond with specific antibiotics.

  • Urinary Tract Infection – Urine routine and Culture Sensitivity, respond with antibiotics.

Some less common causes are :-
  • Tuberculosis – Sputum for AFB, Truenat/Genexpert TB PCR, TB gold, Mantoux test, Chest xray etc.

  • Scrub-Typhus – Scrub typhus IgM.

  • Hematologic Diseases – Leukemia, lymphoma – Blood counts, Peripheral smear, Bone marrow studies, Immunophenotyping etc.

  • Early days of viral hepatitis (Jaundice) - LFT, HBsAg, HCV, HEV IgM, HAV IgM.

  • Collagen vascular Diseases – Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE etc. - ANA Hep2, ANA profile, RA, ASO, CRP, Anti CCP etc.

There are many more causes of fever. The bottom-line is - you have to keep patience, trust your treating physician. Investigations are playing a crucial role, in today’s era of evidence based medicine. Go to a reputed diagnostic, preferably with an in-house NABL accriditated laboratory at the same premises. Stringest quality control is key to correct laboratory diagnosis. Wishing you good health always.
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